Pedal Cars 2017

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2nd week in January, temp below zero, snow on the ground & Gadgets kitchen table covered in cameras being charged, it must be Pedal Car Olympics!

The leaders went up to Thriftwood Friday morning to set up the site, it so much easier in daylight and without Scouts! althougth the snow didn’t help.

They returned home and Friday evening they set off for the weekend. Upon arrival it was evening meal then unpack and a good (but very cold) nights sleep ready for the first days races. This year we took 5 teams (20 Scouts) with a lot taking part for the first time.

This year there were 10 races to compete in with the addition of the Gun Run. Think Royal Tournament with the canon only this was taking apart and moving a Pedal Car. They had also changed the Relay race this year to a new format involving a Pedal Car with 4 seats. This was much harder than it looked (well it was for Gadgets team!).

Well done all the Scouts that took part, it was another brilliant weekend. Saturday was hard due to the freezing temperatures and Sunday was just as bad, wasn’t as cold but rained all day.

Huge thank you to Colin and the Crew at Thriftwood for putting on another brilliant weekend.

We did struggle with pictures a bit this year as the smaller cameras don’t like the cold, batteries failing every 2 minutes. However, think we have a pics of everyone doing something. Have loads of video to sort this year as it’s the first trip for the GoPro, just might take a while to sort.

Huge well done to Team Tuna (named after one of them didn’t believe us on summer camp that Tuna was a fish), Jack T, Ben, Tobin & Ned, who finished in first place in the overall competition

Final standings: 65 Scout Teams took part

Team Tuna: 1st Place

Team Alpha: 42nd Place

Team Bravo: 19th Place

Team Charlie: 57th Place

Team Delta: 52nd Place

Pictures below, click here for the video

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