Beaver Science Sleepover

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On a sunny Saturday, the Beavers arrived to take part in a science themed sleepover. First up pennies in coke or vinegar, and rusty asked what about lemon washing up liquid. Which would clean the pennies the best? Only time would tell.

Next, they learned about yeast in dough for their pizzas. Followed by exercise in the form of making butter. Out in the sun for a run around and drink. Then they had to decide whether certain fruits would sink or float. Chip then demonstrated an experiment which involved setting light to empty teabags to see what would happen. As part of lunch they made fruit kebabs and then sat down to have lunch and do their own washing up.

The busy afternoon consisted of learning about circuits, and doing experiments of bicarbonate and lemon, making their own bubble blowers, thermos balls and of course, slime. Followed by another quick play and drink. Next up were spinning tops and balancing clowns, as well as a very messy time making their own bath bombs. Then to finish helping make dinner by chopping, stirring and crushing all the ingredients needed for their pizza. Followed by dinner and washing up again!

Brown beaver then ran an experiment called walking water. Setting up tents and kit was shortly followed by settling down to watch a film. A special thanks to Gadget for coming to the rescue. The film we watched was flubber which resulted in lots of giggles from everyone. Finally everyone in bed at 10.30pm

Beavers were all up at 7.30am, dressed, kit and tents away, breakfast eaten and outside for a short play before it was time to go home.

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