Scout Camp 2018

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This year the Scouts headed to Broadstone Warren in the heart of the Ashdown Forest.

We had a brilliant week with loads of activities (axe throwing, archery, air rifles, climbing, grass sledging, zipwire, low ropes, pot holes, high wire, crate stacking) and blue skies for most of it. Poured with rain Friday but we did manage to get everything dry before it went away. Not sure all the Scout dried out as some didnt bother with waterproofs (they were onteh kit list), it was sunny when they packed so didnt think they would need them!

The Scouts managed to smash all records for cooking breakfast on a fire. 3 hours 10 minutes and that was without the fried bread (the leaders took pity on them and cooked that).

As usual a huge thank you to the Leaders for giving up thier time and for the amazing food. What they can produce on a few gas burners in the middle of a field / forest is unbelivable.

Still have a few pictures to get hold of from other leaders.


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