Cubs Animal Carer Badge

Animal Carer Badge

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Complete 1 of the following:

Take care of an animal for at least 2 months.

a. Give it the correct foods
b. Learn to recognise common traits/habits; including how to groom, clean and exercise the animal
c. If you don’t have a pet, this can include wild birds
Put fresh water out everyday, give them food (such as nuts, seeds, fat
balls), make sure there are different types of feeders for different
birds, use a book or the internet to identify the different types of bird
that you see (and think about which foods / feeders each bird seems to

Help to care for a farm animal for at least 2 months.

a. Know the correct foods to give it and be able to recognise common illnesses
b. Learn what special care you need to give before and after the birth of farm animals

AND complete 2 of these:

Keep a record of bird, animal, or insect life in your garden, local area or park

a. Keep pictures, sketches, photographs or audio recordings
b. Do this for 3 months
You could create a poster or leaflet about the wildlife that you see

Visit a zoo, wildlife park, animal sanctuary or rescue centre. Find out about some of the animals you see. What are their feeding habits and natural habitats?

a. If you can’t visit a zoo at the moment, you can go on a virtual visit!
b. Lots of zoos have livestreams of their animals, what can you find?
e.g. Wingham Wildlife Park and Howletts have livestream cameras or
are doing live shows with their keepers on social media

Join an animal, bird or wildlife society. Either take part in one of its activities or make progress in any award scheme it offers.

e.g. the RSPB

Find out about the dangers that threaten wildlife in their natural habitat. Make a poster, collage or drawing about what you find out.

a. Think about some animal species that are endangered, what threats are they facing? What could we do about it?

Learn and understand what you need to do and be aware of when deciding to own a pet.

a. Pick a pet and create a leaflet that you could give to someone thinking about getting that animal, try to think about things from cost to the amount of attention that they need!

b. Quiz! ( – go to this link!)

You don’t have to send us pictures or screen shots of the Quiz. Once you have finished it we can see who has done it and your answers.


Send any work that you do for this badge to or keep it safe and bring it along when Scouting returns.

Any questions, use the same email address, or for parents; post in Facebook, or message a leader.

The information below will help you answer the questions in the quiz!

pdf version for print