Cubs Book Reader

pdf version for print

Make a list of 6 books you have read or used recently

a. Either paper books or ones that you have read on an e-reader
b. At least 1 should be fiction and at least 1 should be non-fiction

Name the authors of your books

a. Pick 3 of these authors to create a short fact-file about
i. Think about where they are from, how old they are, how many books
they have published, etc.

Show that you know how to care for your books and know the benefits a library can bring to people who enjoy reading

a. Create a poster of good reasons to visit a library

Show that you can use a dictionary and a thesaurus

a. Quiz:

You don’t need to send us pictures or screens shots of the Quiz. Once you have finished it we can see who has done it and your answers.

Write a review of your favourite book

a. Give a brief summary of what it was about, what you liked about it, and
anything that you didn’t like


Send any work that you do for this badge to or keep it safe and bring it along when Scouting returns.

Any questions, use the same email address, or for parents; post in Facebook, or message a leader.

There are some extra activities which you could do below!

Spectacular Vernacular

You’ll need a dictionary and thesaurus (if you don’t have a physical copy, you can use an online one).

Use them to decipher these 6 riddles and reveal a hidden statement (a quote
from author, Stephen King)

My name begins with the letter ‘B’
And I Live next door to the boojum tree
I am something you might do or read.
Add an ‘s’ on the end as there are multiples of me.

An arduous area surrounds my home,
Between these two ‘A’s I am never alone.
To be or not to be is a thought for yesterday,
I exist for you and we in a present plural way.

I may be small, but I am very mighty,
You’ll catch me in words from fraternise to Friday.
I’m at the start of the alphabet and the beginning of your dictionary,
So find the first entry and say what you see.

I am amazingly exceptional, and singularly rare,
You’ll find me as a synonym to the descriptions I have shared.
You have to understand, there’s no-one quite like me,
I’m one of kind, from my ‘U’ to my ‘Y’, so treat me specially

While some prefer a permanent home,
I am moveable ‘P’ because I like to roam.
Easily carried is something else you might say,
For I am compact and convenient, so nothing gets in my way.

I can scare or delight with a powerful spell,
Alchemy and sorcery are names I know well.
I begin with an ‘M’, but my end you won’t ‘C’,
For illusions are born through my wizardry.

Time Upon A Once

You’ll need the titles of the 6 books you have read

Create a word bank by randomly writing out all of the words from the six book titles across a sheet of paper

Use the words to form a very short story, around 2-3 sentences in length
a. You can add some words such as ‘and’ or ‘then’ to help your sentences make sense

Write out your story on another sheet of paper, you could hint at the book titles by choosing 6 colours to use for the different words from each title, or decorate the page with doodles or illustrations

Share your story with someone, and see if they can work out which 6 books you have read.

pdf version for print