Cubs MAYhem 2020

Each week we have been posting a new badge for you to work on at home.

Kent Scouts have launched a new Badge for May called MAYhem (see what they did there!).

We are going to leave this up for a couple of weeks for you to work on.

Send us evidence of what you have been doing to or put it in the group Facebook page.

You can also post it on Twitter but don’t forget to tag us @14thbroadstairs and @kentscouts you can also use #Mayhem2020.

Choose at least 6 of the activity ideas below to complete (though do feel free to do them all) – make sure you get some photos or video as evidence.

Build a shelter/den – ideally outside if you have a garden that you can safely access, but if not then why not be creative indoors

Teach a family member a campfire song – this doesn’t even have to be one you already know, there are loads online that you could learn so why not have a go!

Spend a night pretending to be at camp and sleep somewhere unusual but safe that is not a proper bed e.g. in a tent in your garden, or maybe in your shelter, pillow fort etc

Demonstrate tying a reef knot with the ends of your necker/group scarf

Write a prayer/poem for a Cubs Own gathering at the end of camp, all about what you love about being a Cub

Make a simple camp gadget – you will find lots of ideas for these online.

Make a flag to represent your campsite!

Help to cook a meal that you would enjoy eating on camp then wash up afterwards

Set a tracking trail either in your garden or around the house

A form will be available for your leaders to fill in to record what everyone in your pack has done and apply for your badge.

Participation in any activity that takes place at home recommended and encouraged by Kent Scouts or any District or Group that are part of Kent scouting are totally under the control, safety and permission of the parent or carers of each young person.

Under no circumstances will Kent Scouts or 14th Broadstairs Scouts accept any liability or responsibility for any accidents; incident or injury to any person or persons or damage to property whilst participating in these activities.

MAYhem at

pdf version for print