Cubs DIY

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Show how to use and take care of tools safely

a. Do this for a selection of different tools, like a hammer, saw, screwdriver,
drill, or glue gun
b. You could make a video, poster, or leaflet

Learn how to work safely on your projects, especially when you’re using electric tools

a. Create a poster which could be displayed to tell people how to stay safe
b. You could make a video to tell people about both (1) and (2)

Learn what the difference is between hard wood, soft wood, chipboard, plywood and MDF

a. For each of them, find out what they’re best used for
b. Quiz!

Help design and make something useful (with adult supervision!), show that you are able to:

a. Measure accurately
b. Saw
c. Join pieces of wood together in 2 different ways
d. Use a hammer, screwdriver and drill
e. Prepare surfaces and stain, varnish, or paint


Send any work that you do for this badge to or keep it safe and bring it along when Scouting returns

Any questions, use the same email address, or for parents; post in Facebook, or message a leader.

WhichWoodWould Be Good?

Use the table below to help you with the quiz!

pdf version for print