Cubs Home Help

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Plan, cook and serve a simple one-course meal

a. Think about which ingredients you have, ask a parent/carer for help!

Wash up afterwards

a. Show how to clean a saucepan or other cooking utensils, cutlery and glasses
b. You could use a dishwasher, including loading and unloading it

Help sort out the washing; load and unload the washing machine

a. Ask a parent/carer for help!

Iron at least 2 items

a. These could be things like pillowcases, t-shirts, or trousers

Sew on a button

a. If you don’t have any clothes that you need to sew a button on, use a piece of scrap material or some old clothes (see activity below)

Help to clean and tidy a living room

a. Hoover, dust and tidy up!
b. Think about why it important to clean up

Clean at least 2 items in your home

a. They could be things like a sink, kitchen cupboard, silverware

Take sheets, pillow covers, and the duvet cover off of a bed and help to put clean ones on

a. Make your own bed for a week


Send any work that you do for this badge to or keep it safe and bring it along when Scouting returns.

Any questions, use the same email address, or for parents; post in Facebook, or message a leader.

There are some extra activities which you could do below!

Puppet Pals

You will need:
• Scissors
• Sock (clean!)
• Thread
• Buttons
• Needles

Place your hand inside the sock, open and close your hand to see what the sock puppet’s face will look like

a. Use a fabric pen (or normal pen) to make 2 marks where you want your
puppet’s eyes to be

Thread your needle and tie a knot in the end of the thread

Place a button over one of the marker dots,

Push the needle up from inside of the sick so that it comes out through one of the holes of the button

Pull the thread all the way through until the knot tightens against the inside of the sock

Turn the needle around and push it back down through the hole diagonally opposite the one that you came up from, push It through to the inside of the sock and pull the thread tight

a. Make sure your needle doesn’t go through the back of the sock or you won’t be able to get your hand in!

You should be left with a single line of thread across the button, connecting the 2 holes; repeat this twice more so that there are 3 lines of thread running across the button

Bring your needle up through a hole with no thread in it, and push it down through the hole diagonally opposite; repeat this 3 times to create a cross-shape in the centre of the button

Push the needle through to the inside of the sock and tie a knot; make sure it is tight to the inside of the sock so that the button isn’t loose

Do the same to sew on the second button

Use fabric pens or other materials to decorate your sock puppet.

pdf version for print