Scouting @ Home

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First of all we hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

As you are aware face to face Scouting is currently not an option and we’d like to think that you are missing your Thursday evening Scouting sessions.

We understand that you are probably being bombarded with things to do at home at the moment, and that some of you still have school. the Scout Association has released a Scouting Indoors activity pack with 100 things to do at home, this is one of many you can find around the internet and social media at the moment to keep you busy.

We have decided that rather than throw a load of stuff at you now we will do it in little bits. If you do none, one or everything we put up, it doesn’t matter, these are all optional and hopefully will help fill some of the time we now all have.

You will notice the four blocks across the top of the home page have now changed. We are planning on putting a badge or something for you to have a go at each Thursday at the time you would normally be at Beavers, Cubs or Scouts, those blocks now go to each sections stuff to do at home page. All going well we will have some online stuff like quizzes for you to do towards the badges, Lucy has been working her way through the lists, bless her. You will still need to do some other bits as well. If you are due to move up a section soon, have a go at some of the sections stuff as well.

As well as this we hope to put something up on the Group Stuff at Home page on a Sunday. This might be a challenge, a tutorial or some other little thing that any one can have a go at.

It will be great to see what you all do and come up with. We will start as soon as possible once we have sorted some way for you to upload stuff and email the section leaders if you need to (we still have to cover all of our safeguarding, etc).

Make sure you follow all the advice being given, stay safe and well and we will let you know when the first bits go up.