May join the Colony shortly before their Sixth Birthday and remain in the Colony until their Eighth Birthday when they will transfer to Cubs.

The aim of the Colony is to encourage self-control, obedience, alertness and selfconfidence.

To give the desire and ability to serve others and to have fun andcomradeship.

The Beavers will be asked to make the following promise:

I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful and to love God.

Please help your child to learn this before they are invested.

Each Beaver will take part in the Balanced Programme and this consists of Six challenges which are:

My Outdoor Challenge

My Adventure Challenge

My Skills Challenge

My World Challenge

Personal Challenge

Teamwork Challenge

In addition to these, the Beavers can earn 20 Activity Badges that vary from Animal Friend to Safety and Space.

In addition to this they may take part in Group Awards and the 14 Staged Awards including Nights Away, Hikes Away, Music, Swimming and IT.

The highest award a Beaver can gain is the Chief Scouts Bronze Award and this can be earned during the last six months in the Colony.