Cubs Chef

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Learn the basic rules of safety and hygiene in the kitchen

a. Explain why these rules are important
b. Create a poster for people to put up in their kitchen about important rules

Learn about the different ways of preparing and cooking food

a. Think about different cooking methods
i. e.g. boiling and poaching, steaming, microwaving, grilling, roasting,
baking, frying, stewing
b. Create a a leaflet showing how to use each of these methods works and the foods that are most often cooked using them

Learn what the major food groups are

a. How do they fit into a healthy diet?

Plan, cook, serve, and clear away a two-course meal for a least 2 people

a. You should prepare and cook vegetables as part of the menu
b. An adult should help you!
c. Talk to the people that you are cooking for to check if they have any dietary requirements.


Send any work that you do for this badge to or keep it safe and bring it a long when Scouting returns.

Any questions, use the same email address, or for parents; post in Facebook, or message a leader.

There are some extra activities which you could do below.

Find Food!

Can you find the following words in this word search?

Once you have found them all, sort them into food groups (fruits and vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, dairy, treats)

Spot The Hazards

Circle the 10 hazards that you can see in this picture

pdf version for print